About Product Sparks

Product Sparks is a brand created by yours truly, Alex Bleau. Throughout the roles I’ve played in my career so far in building products, services or leading small businesses, there have been many key learning points, times or moments that have helped me grow and perform. 

In the grand scheme of things, you could say that they were all sparks that have ignited new perspectives, opportunities, developments and growth paths for me. 

It is for this reason that I choose Product Sparks as a brand, because everything I offer under its umbrella in terms of services, trainings or products, are meant to be similar sparks for other product manager, leaders and anyone focused on building great products and businesses.  

Alexandru Bleau

About Alex Bleau

I’m a seasoned product leader, currently @trivago leading the Alternative Monetisation domain. I’ve been building and developing products or services for 15 years and have been working in actual product roles for over 10.

I have worked on or built advertising products, online services, mobile apps and games and physical, educational and travel products.

I’ve also had the chance to experience working at companies with 2, 20, 200 and over 1000 employees, trying out various agile frameworks while working onsite, distributed or fully remote with cross-functional and diverse teams.

I wish everyone a crazy day, have a growing collection of bow ties and can pull a pretty good shot of espresso. 

Why work with me?

My services, coaching and training are all based on relevant business and product experience gained by doing the work, by succeeding and failing in the roles, by “earning” mistakes and learning from them, by reflecting on successes and trying to replicate them.

I started building products and leading teams already in college, some 16 years ago and jumped into actual product roles about roughly 9 years ago.

I broke the product and leadership proverbial ice by leading a student NGO and the university newspaper and then doubling down with company led training programs for students and digital signage networks within the faculty halls.

Since then I’ve had the luck to continue the fun by building products and services of various types and in various fields either as owner, co-founder or under companies that I’ve worked for.

With everyone I work with, I focus on what they want to achieve and then tailor the value that I provide so that we hit the target.  And last but not least, I will be straightforward and speak my mind in all of our interactions. From my personal experience, this not only gives you transparency and a stable sparring partner, but it also builds and maintains trust.

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What Others Say:

I have worked with product managers, leaders, executives and early founders from trivago, Innogy, E-on, Metro Markets, EarlyNode, Thyssenkrupp Materials Services, Caru AG, Swisscom, Zalando.

I transitioned into the world of product management role from a data science role with Alex as my coach and mentor. Discussions and brainstorming sessions with him on numerous user problems really helped me drive better conversations with my team and definitely helped me become a better product manager.

He is really passionate about solving and prioritising the right user problems and you can always learn tons of techniques from him on doing that.

He is a keen listener and his first principles approach always pushes you to ask the right questions. 'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'. No other way to summarise his coaching and mentoring skills!

Sheetij Jain (SJ)

Product Manager, Delivery Hero

OKRs are an increasingly common way to set goals for companies and teams. Alex's Masterclass is not only suitable as a preparation for OKR beginners, but also very good for people who have already made first experiences with OKRs and want to improve.

Super training and definitely recommended!

Sebastian Oremek

Head of Acceleration Services, d lab_ bei E.ON Digital Technology

Even though I had worked with OKRs before, Alex's training was really eye-opening for me and I took a lot from his one day training at our company. Especially his knowledgeable feedback in the practical sessions of the training were very helpful. He has definitely a profound knowledge on the topic and knows how to make it easily understandable. I can highly recommend him for anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of how to work with OKRs.

Julian Wonner

Head of Content, troodi GmbH

Alex's coaching has been key in me taking the next important step in my Product career. He was kind, generous with his time and knowledge, and breath passion for developing people.

He asked me the right questions that made me realised why I felt stuck and what I wanted to do next. Thanks again, Alex for all the support and inspiration! 

Claude Paradis

Product Manager, OLX Group

Alex accompanied me on my journey of becoming the first Product Manager at a Series A startup. He and his anchoring questions helped me massively to make sense of the startup hustle, helped me to see challenges from a different perspective and to embrace the opportunities lying within them. Alex's coaching also helped me and my team successfully sail through a massive organisational change.
Alex's passion for products, people, processes and successful teams is extremely contagious too, he always made time for my (last minute, aka evening) questions, meeting preps, often asking those uncomfortable questions I needed to hear. He is an incredibly sensitive person too, and also supported me in overcoming my dreaded impostor syndrome.
His coaching has been transformational for me (and indirectly to my team), which I am now taking over in the next step of my career. And an additional learning for me: never underestimate the uplifting power of  when someone wishes you a 'Crazy day!'. It is incredibly inspiring!

Agnes Szeberenyi

Product Manager, CARU AG

The CEO job can be lonely, stressful and full of uncertainty. The thoughtful way of Alex asking questions during our sessions helped to clarify my thinking, gain new perspectives and making better strategic decisions due to the gained insights. I definitely recommend him as a coach and "sparring partner".

Nikolas Chapoupis

CEO, Earlynode.com

“I met Alex at a learning expedition at it became clear soon, that he would be a perfect coach for the organization I work with and for myself. He asks the right challenging questions that sometimes hurt, but are always to the point and make me think. With Alex's help, we were able to define and discuss good outcomes and OKRs. That helped us to focus and prioritize as an organization and on team level.”

Georg Ziegler

Transformation Lead & Head of Excellence & Performance Tribe, Thyssenkrupp Materials

Alex's coaching has been key in me taking the next important step in my Product career. He was kind, generous with his time and knowledge, and breath passion for developing people.

He asked me the right questions that made me realised why I felt stuck and what I wanted to do next. Thanks again, Alex for all the support and inspiration! 

Janine Derix

UX Research, coliquio 

Alex’s extensive knowledge of the OKR framework is built on a solid foundation of experience implementing and utilising OKRs in real world product development. This experience is invaluable to help empower teams to translate the theory behind OKRs into real business success.

Francesco Lenahan

Head of Monetization & Marketing, trivago N.V.

We introduced OKRs in our teams and Alex accompanied us extensively. This includes his e-learnings, but also his coaching and close support for the Teams. Especially his experience and his questions lead us to rethink and to the successful implementation and usage of the OKRs in our Squads. I would highly recommend working with Alex when it comes to outcome and OKR definition.

Tanja Nigbur

Agile Coach, Thyssenkrupp Materials

As market leader in the German outplacement market, we are striving to provide our customers with the best experience. My team and I are responsible for the digital part of this experience.

I reached out for Alex to coach the team in the critical situation of launching a new digital product line. With his thoughtful questions, his honest and kind way of giving feedback, and his experience he has supported the team in staying focused and assuring the team in its handling of stakeholder request.

From this experience I can strongly recommend him as a coach.

Christoph Tempich

Director Digital, v. Rundstedt & Partner GmbH