Don't make the user think

When you make the user unnecessarily stop to think

In the age where a user’s session using a service is shorter than microwaving popcorn, making the user stop and think when he shouldn’t can be very costly.

Unnecessary means the user:

  • stops to think if he selected the right thing
  • stops to check
  • stops to make sure that he understood correctly
  • goes back to see what actually happened

Eliminate anything that produces confusion and unnecessary interruptions in the user’s flow through your product.


Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

Fall in love with the problem

Falling in love with the solution or the product creates bias. The focus is no longer the problem that you set out to solve.

Falling in love with the problem creates focus and leaves you open to different view, perspectives, changes, solutions and alternatives.

Your initial solution or product will most likely change because of this, but your will likely be much closer to solving the problem too.

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