Product sparks: All others must bring data

Just saying we need to do it is not a good reason for doing it

Most of your peers will approach you in regards to your area or product: a new feature, a small idea, a big problem, a bug, a change, a manager giving an order.

Your attitude and approach with all of them should be the same:

  • Why should we build that?
  • Why do you think it is important?
  • What problem are we trying to solve?

You will not be able to do everything. Only what counts. So make sure it counts.

Good Product manager, bad product managers, the what

Focus on the what and why, not the how

Ben Horowitz brought this point up in his famous 15 years old article: Good Product Manager / Bad Product Manager.

the focus of the PO should be on the what and why, to define the goal, not the how.

In my first years I focused too much on the how. This led to people getting annoyed and not feeling trusted.

You could say I learned this the hard way.

Read Ben Horowitz’s piece on product managers and management.