Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

Fall in love with the problem

Falling in love with the solution or the product creates bias. The focus is no longer the problem that you set out to solve.

Falling in love with the problem creates focus and leaves you open to different view, perspectives, changes, solutions and alternatives.

Your initial solution or product will most likely change because of this, but your will likely be much closer to solving the problem too.

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Force transparency, and get accountability for free

Get accountability for free

Force is quite a strong word and sometimes bears a negative shade to it.

However, the underlying principle is good. If the work environment is set up so that teams can communicate their progress, accountability comes as a natural consequence.

This point is particularly important when building a minimum viable product. Two images come to mind:

How to build a minimum viable product

and this

Minimum viable product

Quote taken from Brandon Chu’s “7 Heuristics for being a product director”.


Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

The first answer might not be the whole answer. Keep digging, keep asking. Zoom in, zoom out. Take a break, focus again.

Go beyond just understanding in order to have a chance to come up with that simple, elegant solution.

One good way to start doing this is to try the 5 Whys approach:

5 Whys

If you have the chance, go back in time by reading the whole interview with Jobs and his team on the making of Macintosh Byte.