A demand for either respect or trust means the loss of both

Earning trust and respect takes time

Relationships take time, whether we’re talking about work ones or personal. And trust and respect are an integral part of them.

It takes time, multiple situations, interactions, projects worked together, consistency, dedication, empathy, understanding and the list goes on.

And because of this interesting twist that you can only get them by earning them, there is no point in demanding.

via Picard

have the goal to make yourself redundant

Make yourself reduntant by empowering your team

I generally am for productive conflict situations. Interesting things come out of debates where people also put passion into what they are standing for.

What is also interesting is that by challenging the team in these debates you indirectly transfer part of your way of seeing the problem.

The more your team is exposed to this, the more familiar your colleagues are with how you approach the problem, what questions do you usually ask, what concerns do you usually have and so on.

In a way, the more you expose your thinking to your team, the more redundant you become.