Strategy without tactics, tactics without strategy

Always take the time to have or make a strategy

There’s a story I learned in college. Not sure who actually shared it with me, but working as a product manager makes me remember it from time to time:

Two people meet in the desert:
No.1: Hey, where are you going? 

No.2: Nowhere. Anywhere

No.3: Ok. Then let’s go this way. It’s shorter…

Do you know where you want to go? What you want to achieve? What your goal is? If the answer is no, then it doesn’t really matter which way you’re going.

via Sun Tzu

useless defensless process

When you don’t have an answer for why a process is there

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” – this is the first value in the Agile Manifesto.

The. Very. First. And yet we somehow manage through the frameworks that actually were born as a result of the manifesto, to put more emphasis on the latter.

Just like you challenge every feature request, challenge every process. Is it truly helping the team? Or is it there because “that’s how we’ve always done things

via Michael Lopp


A demand for either respect or trust means the loss of both

Earning trust and respect takes time

Relationships take time, whether we’re talking about work ones or personal. And trust and respect are an integral part of them.

It takes time, multiple situations, interactions, projects worked together, consistency, dedication, empathy, understanding and the list goes on.

And because of this interesting twist that you can only get them by earning them, there is no point in demanding.

via Picard